Zing! By Gorji Cookbook

New Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook By Dallas Chef Gorji

Pure olive oil. Lots of limes. Few batters, coatings, or rubs. No tahini in that hummus. Instead, an imaginative, personal, and highly memorable take on enhancing natural flavors.

“What a splendid insight into the culinary creations of one of Dallas’ most talented chefs.”
-Nancy Nichols, D Magazine Dining Editor

Gorji’s 10 table restaurant has had a foodie cult following since it opened. It’s no small feat to personally prepare each dish coming out of the kitchen nightly after combing local farmers markets for fresh ingredients during the day. But Chef Gorji does that and more, having come out with a line of gourmet products and now the “Zing! By Gorji” cookbook that features recipes straight out of his kitchen with easy to follow and recipes.
-Karol Wilson, Beverly Drive Magazine

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